3 Reasons to Choose Indian Fabrics and Clothing at the Workplace

3 Reasons to Choose Indian Fabrics and Clothing at the Workplace

  1. Most of our work places have become global interaction zones where we meet people from diverse countries and cities. Wearing something native and rooted makes you feel connected to your own identity and, in turn, authentically confident.

  2. With the extreme hot weather conditions combined with humidity, our native fabrics give you the right amount of coolness and warmth when properly chosen. For example, Original Ajrakh fabrics are made with natural dyes; they give you a super good feeling and comfort when you wear them. For people working in air-conditioned offices, the temperature difference can cause fatigue and exhaustion. Choosing the right fabrics and fit can help you ace the day like a queen!

  3. Indian fabrics have a lot more colour choices and patterns that can help you express yourself based on how you feel authentically instead of muting yourself with just a few shades that support the male-dominated workplace model. Let’s bring more colors, more patterns, and, in turn, our own selves to work.

I know I mentioned three reasons, but the fourth reason is to support our local artisans and weavers all over India. They have been loving the craft they do, and they bring so much love and humanness to the clothes they make. Every time you buy something artisanal or Indian-made, you are supporting Indian craftsmanship and their families. 

I hope you liked reading this piece. Let us know what you think :) 

With Love,

Team Musings.


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